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2013-2014 Season Information

The league is still working to confirm gym times with the school department as a result of the Southfield gym closure. We hope to post season information and schedules the week of November 25th. The Town and Instructional leagues will not have any activity until the week of December 2nd.


Player Contact Information

To ensure you recieve emails from the league concerning schedules, cancellations, etc, please make sure you are registered with our league management website. Please go to wjbl.leagueapps.com and confirm your player(s) contact information. Enter your email address(es) and password to log into your player profile. If you forgotten (or never received) your password, click on 'Forgot Password'

A league-wide email was sent on 11/22/13 to all players registered for the 2013-2014 Town and Instructional league season. If you registered for the season and did not receive this email, please contact weymouthjbl.com. It is very important we have your correct email address as we use this all season to communicate with you.


Limited Openings

The league is accepting waitlist players for some divisions. Please click here to check availability:



2013-2014 Town League Season


TOWN LEAGUE: The Weymouth Junior Basketball League (WJBL) will hold registration for our Town League on October 13, 2013, at the Weymouth Elks from 12:30PM to 2:00PM. All players must register for the 2013-2014 season. The Town League is open to Weymouth residents only.

Printable Registration Form

Online registration will be available beginning 10/7/13 at weymouthjbl.com. The Town League is for players of all abilities, and has five divisions:






Instructional League 1-3 $75.00 Saturday Mornings None
Hennelly Division 4-5 $125.00 Sunday Mornings One per week
Division II 6-7 $125.00 Sunday Mornings One per week
Leighton Division 8-9 $125.00 Sunday Mornings One per week
Senior Division 10-12 $115.00 Thursday Nights None


2013-2014 Travel Program


The travel program provides for two travel teams in each grade from grades 4 through 8.  This is a competitive program for the top players in each grade.  The travel program is open to Weymouth residents only.  Participation in last year’s travel program does not guarantee a spot on this year’s travel teams.  There will be one “A” team and one “B” team for each grade.  Players for each team will be selected by a travel committee designated by the JBL Board of Directors.  The try-out schedule for travel teams is listed below:





Grade 4
8:00 – 9:00AM
5:30 – 6:30PM
Grade 5
9:00 – 10:00AM
6:30 – 7:30PM
Grade 6
10:00 – 11:00AM
6:00 – 7:00PM
Grade 7
11:00 - Noon
7:00 – 8:00PM
Grade 8
Noon – 1:00PM
7:30 – 8:30PM


All tryouts will be held at the Chapman Middle School.  Players are asked to be at each tryout 15 minutes before each session. The registration fee for players making the grades 4 and 5 teams is $200 and for players making the grades 6 through 8 teams is $245.


Weymouth Elks Hoop Shoot


The Weymouth Elks Hoop Shoot

Open and free for all Weymouth residents aged 8-13.

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013
Chapman Middle School, Weymouth MA
1051 Commercial St, Weymouth, MA 02189
Time:  10:00AM Registration


Championship Sunday!


Congratulations to Michael Howes (D-2) and Matthew Long ( D-1) for winning the Andrew Farrar MVP Awards !!!

2013 MVP's

Leighton Division (8-9th Grades)

In the Leighton Division Championship game Verizon played Barnes Buildings. For Verizon, the leading scorer was Matt Long with 20 points for his team and also connecting great passes and had many assists. Dagan Ficociello also had an outstanding game making almost every single free-throw that he took scoring 15 points and also contributing on defense with 2 fouls. On Dunkin Donuts, the leading scorer was Andrew Johns with 24 points, dominating the court every time he was in. Jonathon Meade also played a very good game scoring 8 points and bringing the ball up very well. Verizon won 50-49.

For the Leighton Division all-star game on the maroon team, Kevin Lyons was the leading scorer with 11 points. Brandon Gifford also played well with 8 points. On the gold team, Brett Jamieson played very well with 6 points and Liam Mcleod also had a great game taking many good shots and making one free throw! All of the boys had a lot of fun and the maroon team won 44-42.

Division II (6-7th Grades)

In the Division 2 Championship game Olden's Pharmacy played Dunkin Donuts. For Olden's, Chris DeLuca was the leading scorer with 9 points playing very aggressive on offense. Akiri Rouse also had a great game with phenomenal defense, having a couple great blocks and also scoring 2 points. On Dunkin Donuts, Tom Jacklitsch was the leading scorer with 10 points, never slowing his pace down, Andrew Bishop also had a great game with 7 points, always being open on offense. Dunkin Donuts won 35-24.

For the Division 2 all-star game on the gold team, Michael Gomez and Joe Cinquini were the leading scorers each with 5 points, Justin Albee also played his hardest with 4 points. For the maroon team, Troy Salmans was the leading scorer with 9 points. Cam Mason also played very aggressive on offense with 7 points. All of the boys had fun and the maroon team won 37-28.

Hennelly Division (4-5th Grades)

For the Division 3 all-star game on the maroon team, Jack Jamieson was the leading scorer with 10 points. Neil Sanders also played well with 4 points and one foul. On the gold team, Matteo Spadea was the leading scorer with 6 points, Liam Stokes also played a good game with 4 points and handling the ball well on offense. All of the boys had a lot of fun and the gold team won 28-23.

Senior League (10-12th Grades)

In the Senior League championship, Weymouth Rec. Center played Dunkin Donuts. For Weymouth Rec. Center, Tyler Mallon had an excellent game with 18 points. On Dunkin Donuts, Dave Keenan had a great game with 11 points and also playing good defense with 4 fouls. Tim Dennehy also had an aggressive game with 10 points and four fouls on defense. Weymouth Rec. Center won 48-46.

Week 13 - Town League Highlights


Leighton Division (8-9th Grades)

Playoffs - Semifinals

Verizon took on the Weymouth Eagles in an intense matchup. Verizon pulled off an impressive 52 to 39 win, with Cam Castro leading the way for Verizon on offense. He contributed 14 points and 7 rebounds in the win. For the Eagles, Kevin Lyons had 16 points and 5 assists.

Barnes Building faced off against Mitchelson Club, with Barnes earning a 42 to 18 win. Jonathon Meade scored 10 points and led the rebounding effort for Barnes. Brian Umano had 12 points for Mitchelson and contributed 5 rebounds.

Division II (6-7th Grades)

Playoffs - Semifinals

Game One: Olden’s Pharmacy vs. South Shore Savings
Olden’s Pharmacy advances to the championship game winning 42-33. The game was an excellent effort by both teams and South Shore Savings played extremely hard for a comeback. Cam Mason finished off his season on a great note with an absolutely magnificent game with 18 major points. Pat Kelly had some unbelievable hustle plays and impacted his team in a positive high energy way. Jimmy Curran helped his team receive their win with constant effort, awesome assists, and made great plays on both ends of the court. Matt O’neil had a huge influence on his team and was unstoppable getting offensive boards, he had thirteen points.

Game Two: Dunkin Donuts vs. Colonial Federal
Dunkin Donuts advances to the championship game winning 46-37. Colonial Federal ended their season strongly putting in a tremendous amount of work and effort. Troy Salmans dominated for his team and 27 unbelievable points. He received great help from Andres Nunez who also played a fantastic last game driving strong to the basket and creating awesome plays. Rich Barrows held down his team allowing the rest of his teammates to work off his scoring energy. Andrew Bishop had some amazing rebounds both defensively and offensively.
-Every team had a great season and good luck to Dunkin Donuts and Olden’s Pharmacy in the championship game! – Abby Killeen and Julie Ronan

Hennelly Division (4-5th Grades)

Playoffs - Round 2

In the first game, Dentistry for Children played S Bank. S Bank had a shortage of players, so the teams scrimmaged for fun. Rory DeLuca played well scoring many baskets as well as Simon Ngyuen. Johnny Niles also played well getting multiple rebounds and scoring baskets as well. Dentistry for Children won.

In the second game, Weymouth Fire played Weymouth Bank. For Weymouth Fire, Jack Jamieson was the leading scorer with 15 points playing aggressive offense and getting many rebounds for his team. John Savage also had a great game with 8 points demonstrating great ball handling skills. On Weymouth Bank, Mark O'Neil was the leading scorer with 14 points, never being afraid to draw a foul. Jake Gomez also had a very good game with 1 points but taking every opportunity and shooting when he had an open shot. Weymouth Fire won 29-24.

In the third game, Scappicchio Law Office played Quincy Credit Union. For Scappicchio, Jake Connolly was the leading scorer with 14 points for his team and also scored the game winning basket at the end of the game for his team. Jonah Mincey also had a very good game with 11 points playing very aggressively. On Quincy Credit, Matteo Spadea was the leading scorer with 20 points for his team scoring a couple of baskets for his team and tying the game up to bring it into over time. Liam Stokes also had a great game with 7 points handling the ball very well. After one overtime, Scappicchio won 37-35.

In the fourth game, Jimmy's Diner played JT Cazeault Roofing. For Jimmy's Diner, Jack Lachney was the leading scorer with 12 points never being afraid to take the ball to the hoop. Brendan Contrino also had a very good game with 6 points and played very aggressive on defense. On JT Cazeault, Neil Sanders was the leading scorer with 13 points. Christian Quinn also had a very good game scoring 12 points and played very good defense with 2 fouls. JT Cazeault won 32-27.

In the fifth game, Cannavo Plumbing played Weymouth Police. For Cannavo Plumbing, the leading scorer was Daniel Picard with 14 points making every open shot he had and driving to the hoop multiple times. Matt Kowalski also played a very good offensive game with 5 points. On Weymouth Police, Nick Tardanico was the leading scorer with 13 points, never slowing down and keeping the energy up for his team even though they only had 6 players. Kammren Parcel had a great game as well, scoring 4 points and winning almost every tip-off he took for his team. Cannavo Plumbing won 35-19.

Calendar Drive Contest Winners


Thank you to all the players, parents and coaches for a successful calendar drive. The winners of the contests:


Instructional League - Fiona Malone

Two loge seat tickets to Boston Celtics donated by Amity Insurance


Town League - Nick Feeney

Two tickets Boston Celtics for the top calendar sales


Town League Team - Barnes Building

Two tickets for each player to Boston Celtics. Sit courside during player warmups and photo op with a Celtics player. Prize donated by Dunkin Donuts

WJBL Comedy Night


Support WJBL and have a great time with friends at our Comedy Night on Friday January 18th at 7:00pm. Tickets are $20 and available from all Town League coaches or board members. Bring your own snacks!

Instructional League Schedule


The Instructional League (grades 1-3) will begin on Saturday December 8th at Southfield. Please see below for tmes:



1st Grade

8:45 - 9:45AM

2nd Grade

9:45 - 11:00AM

3rd Grade

11:00 - Noon


Important Notice for All Coaches


To: All Coaches
Fr; WJBL Exec Committee
Re: Player Participation


No individual is permitted to participate in a practice or game who has not
signed a release form.

Additionally, players are only allowed to be on the court at their
scheduled practice or game times.

Failure to comply to the above may result in corrective action up to and
including expulsion from the WJBL for players and coaches.

If you are interested in coaching a town league team or sponsoring a team,
please contact us at,